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How we work together: Global HR Integration

Quantum Human Resource Consulting is committed to uncovering the key ingredients to help our clients become market leaders in businesses. Our expertise will help you manage for change by identifying best practices, performing systematic due diligence, understanding and engaging with local authorities and piloting and revising key operations to deliver.
Global HR Integration following an M & A: Acquisitions, Outsourcing (A&O) and Partnership HR
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The Client:

A European world leader in the Information Technology space which expanded operations in the APAC region following a series of mergers and acquisitions of smaller companies in the region.


One of the goals of this European giant is to grow 20% every year. This growth would be in terms of :
  • Organic growth to keep pace with average market growth and
  • Additional growth through acquisitions.
To achieve the above growth targets particularly the latter the organization has designed and implemented an A&O HR portal. This portal gathers templates, checklists, case information to support the concerned teams in the organization with the steps of an A&O process from an HR perspective, target identification to follow up and learning.


Following the M&A, a Global HR Integration programme was designed to evaluate and satisfy the requirements of international integration and national responsiveness. The objective being to:
  • Promote the alignment of business and HR management
  • Promote cross-boarder processes and facilitate the transfer of knowledge and best practices.
  • Compliance with local and International law.
  • Ensure equal opportunity and diversity.
  • Defined and accepted Code of conduct

Role of Quantum

  • Restructuring
    To facilitate a systematic, ethical and responsible restructuring of the acquired organization, which shows respect to all individuals, Quantum ensured that:

    • Managers acted in line with the local legal requirements and collective agreements
    • Process owners were identified
    • Communication was transparent, open and fair
  • Build HR Organisation
    In keeping with the organization’s principles, Quantum’s role was to build an HR organization which satisfied the requirements of international integration and national responsiveness, promoted the alignment of business and HR management and cross-boarder processes and the transfer of knowledge and best practices.
  • HR Competence development
    The organisation’s HR competence development plan is an integral part of the Annual business planning process, with an aim to boost overall HR performance across the organization rather than focus only on HR expertise.
    Quantum’s role was to intervene appropriately to ensure that HR Competency development was integrated in the organization’s specific management development activities and programmes to reach the larger group of line managers across all levels.
  • HR Communication
    Quantum explored the following communication routes to achieve the communications objective:
    • External communication where the Internet HR pages are primarily aimed at attracting talent, resourcing and recruitment advertising purposes, according to the country needs.
    • Internal communication aimed at HR professionals, line managers and employees included:
      • The Corporate HR portal; which is a powerful global communication channel to share information pertaining to HR policies and guidelines, to publish contact information of relevant HR teams.
      • The HR Forum
      • The bi-annual HR conference

Business Benefits delivered

  • Reached  preferred employer status
  • Strengthened  management capabilities
  • Lived up to the Organization’s values
  • Reached  excellence in HR performance
In delivering these business benefits, Quantum worked as per the’ minimum HR Standards’ established by the global parent organization, which was defined as:
  • Attract the right talent through employer branding;
  • Communicate expectations and feedback through competence development planning through at least one annual development discussion per employee
  • Make sure that vital competencies are accessible through Business Driven Competence Management (BDCM)
  • Ensure access to management capability and other key players through succession planning
  • Preserve Fair pay by compensation management;
  • Ensure basic competence of all managers through management development & coaching on all levels
  • Show respect to our employees through 100% inclusion of ESS based actions in business action plans
  • Offer a decent working ground for human beings by a fair balance between facts based management and value-based leadership.
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