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How we work together: Strategic HRM

Quantum Human Resource Consulting is committed to uncovering the key ingredients to help our clients become market leaders in businesses. Our expertise will help you manage for change by identifying best practices, performing systematic due diligence, understanding and engaging with local authorities and piloting and revising key operations to deliver.
Mergers & Acquisitions : Competence is Strategy
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The Client:

A European world leader expanding globally, following the mergers and acquisitions route.


The client believes that competence and performance management are critical to develop competence to meet current and future market needs, create new business opportunities and manage the organizational and individual performance levels throughout the company.


As part of its Strategic Human Resource Management policies and programs, the client has linked individual objectives, competency development and behaviour to the organisation’s objectives. Its efforts are aimed at securing and retaining the right talent to meet current and future market requirements, manage performance professionally and link it to rewards.

Role of Quantum

  • To assist managers and employees to align and improve their competencies, interests, and targets to those of the organisation
  • Provide an effective process to link employee performance results to compensation, rewards, promotions and training
  • Set stretched targets for employees to trigger personal, professional and organizational growth
  • Identify, manage and develop employee performance and competency levels. In doing so, managers will support their teams to achieve agreed development related actions.
  • To provide employees with qualified feedback and appropriate support using effective tools to communicate.

Business Benefits Delivered

To Employee
  • Successful employees who are aware of and understand the organizations plans and goals and partner with the organization to achieve these
  • Awareness of avenues that offer personal and professional growth
  • Awareness of the support available and the rewards and recognition that follow
To Business
  • Existing business is more profitable
  • Opportunities for new businesses

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