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Who we are

Quantum Human Resource Consulting provides specialized consultancy in Global HR Integration, Organizational Development and Strategic Human Resource Management.
Palini Somji (Founder & CEO)

Headed by Palini Somji, Quantum's services are backed by sound knowledge and experience in addressing contemporary HR challenges arising out of mergers and acquisitions and the globalization of corporate to encompass wider geographies, people and cultures.

Palini Somji, Founder & CEO at Quantum Human Resource Consulting has a decade of experience in

  • Start Ups
  • Training and Development
  • Organizational Development and Design
  • Performance Development and Management Systems
  • Compensation Management
  • Talent Management
  • Knowledge Management Systems and
  • International Marketing.

Palini also works and supports global Human Rights issues.

As an HR specialist, Palini has several 'Firsts' to her credit. She was instrumental in establishing the HR function as part of her professional career and has leveraged her skills to enable companies to adopt a global HR culture which values competency, fairness, trust and open communication.

Palini has designed, developed and implemented global training programs for managers and top level management in IT and Manufacturing organizations apart from planning and implementing core HR function related plans, policies and procedures including career planning, competencies and promotional policies, performance development and management systems, employee satisfaction surveys, knowledge sharing systems, mentoring, succession planning process and implementation.

Palini's academic achievements include a:

Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management
(Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies, Pune, India)
Diploma in Training and Development
(Indian Society for Training and Development, New Delhi, India)
Master's in Labor Laws and Labour Welfare
(Symbiosis Society Law College, Pune, India)
Post Graduate Diploma in Human Rights
(Indian Institute of Human Rights, New Delhi India)
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